Proven Results

Because we keep our client’s info confidential, we can’t “brag” about all our successes.  However, Dr. M Bouckaert gave us permission to display his results.

If you search the keywords “dentist in wilgers” you’ll find his website: (a website that was designed by us), on the first page of Google!  He is also listed on the prime site on the right hand side and in two other directories.  The last website on the page is one of his predecessor’s that had the clinic before him, thus also pointing to his address.  Basically, you’ll get to Dr. Maurice Bouckaert if you click on any of the listed websites!

If you search “dentist in wilgers” on You Tube, the top video is Dr Bouckaert’s and the second result is his You Tube channel.

Anyone who’s searching for a dentist in Wilgers will subsequently reach Dr Bouckaert.

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“Dentist in Wilgers” search results:

Dentist in wilgers