To Be Or Not? A Website Or Not?

To Be Or Not? A Website Or Not?

Having a Yellow Pages, MedPages or other directory listing is just a listing with your contact details and your type of specialty. It’s fine if the only purpose is for you to give the address to patients in lieu of a brochure, but would it be adequate to attract patients to your practice?

With a professional website you can include the following:

  • download patient forms, health test, theatre consent forms, medical brochures, etc.
  • your office hours
  • map to your practice rooms
  • detailed information about your services, procedures, treatment, etc.
  • after hours contact details
  • medical information regarding your specialty
  • biography of you
  • present your staff
  • update it regularly with notices like taking leave, new developments, etc.
  • stories about your practice and about your experience
  • Etc. etc.

What good is a website, if it can’t be find on Google?  If you have a website and it is not attracting enough patients, or even a Google search for your name doesn’t turn up your website, we can help.

The difference between having a website and being found on the internet is like the difference between having a scalpel and knowing how to use it!

Most webmasters know HTML, XML, CSS etc coding -and maybe even Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), but they don’t know the culture of the medical community, or how patients -or potential patients- find physicians and their practices. We do.

We can help you create a beautiful professional website and we can make sure that it’s on the first page of Google for the best keywords to attract more patients.

Call us today, to put YOUR dot prominently on the internet map!