What Your Website Can Do For You

What Your Website Can Do For You

Typically a website for a medical practice will:

  • list contacting details, the practice hours and show a map giving directions to the practice,
  • list the areas of specialisation and the services covered,
  • list staff biographies and qualifications,
  • provide information about how to reach after hours care,
  • provide information on what patients should bring to their first visit,
  • provide information on what patients should do to prepare for a procedure, the nature of the procedure itself and post-procedure instructions,
    commonly needed patient forms could be available as downloads on the website,
  • patients could be directed to the website to fill in a pre-visit form, either online or in printed form to bring with them to their first visit, thus saving time on arrival,
  • provide reliable information about illnesses, theatre procedures, etc., and
  • provide ongoing updates in the health industry via blog post articles.

Additionally you can include the following on your website:

  • write a book in the area of your expertise and sell it on your website as an e-book. Buyers pay the money directly into your account and then download the book. No publishing, no shipping, no hassle,
  • interact with patients and viewers via competitions, polls, community events, a weekly/monthly newsletter, etc.

No matter what you need, Webdsign can provide a solution.