The Top 4 Reasons Why EVERY doctor in South Africa
MUST invest in a website:

A website for a medical practice, dental practice or other healthcare professional is an invaluable tool that can:

1. Increase office efficiency:

A website can save the office staff time by providing information to patients and answering routine questions that would otherwise have to be answered over the phone. When your practice closes for the day, your website continues to work by providing support, clinic details and critical information needed by patients, other doctors and potential clients.

2. Educate patients:

In this electronic age many patients research their symptoms online before visiting their health professional. By providing reliable information on your website regarding conditions and treatment options, you can help educate patients and guide them to accurate sources of medical information and trustworthy support organisations. This in turn can save you time (and time is money) and improve doctor-patient interaction.

3. Enhance the professional image of your practice:

By including staff biographies and details of their experience and qualifications, a website can differentiate your practice from other similar practices and give both patients and other doctors confidence in you. The use of images or even audio or video can emphasise the nature of your practice, for example your state of the art technology or your caring, compassionate nature. Prospective employees may visit your website to find out more about the practice before applying for a vacant position and a good website can attract more applicants to a position.

4. Reach people anywhere, anytime:

The internet is global – you can refer a doctor in Kazakhstan to your website, if need be. What about doctors and patients in small towns and villages in South Africa? You can display any kind of information on your website and refer people worldwide! And now with the easy access of the internet on cellphones, literally anyone can view your website.

There are many more compelling reasons why doctors today should have a Web presence (for instance, you can also make money!) With the advent of free, easy-to-use services, it’s difficult to come up with a reason not to.