10 Quick Tips To Market Your Practice

Here are 10 quick tips to market your practice ethically and keep it thriving:

  1. Print a professional practice brochure with your contact details, office hours, list of services, documentation needed for consultation, website link (for more info), after hours number, etc.
  2. Get a professional website – everyone’s searching on the internet.  Not only can you include all the above information, you can also include more details about the medical conditions you treat, medical procedures, pre- and post op care, etc.  Also get website marketing services.  What good is a website if it can’t be found on the internet?
  3. Customer satisfaction survey.  Ask your patients to complete a simple survey.  On the survey need only be:  WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THE SERVICE, WHAT DID YOU DISLIKE and a 1 to 5 rating for dissatisfied to very satisfied.
  4. List your practice in all available online directories:  Yellow Pages, MedPages, Every Doctor, South Africa/Doctors, etc.  Make sure to highlight your specialty and services.
  5. Build good relationships with your staff.  Your staff is your first line of public service, patients talk to them first before they get to you.  A thank you is often more appreciated than an award.  Consider a team building event.  Happy staff will treat patients well.
  6. Increase word of mouth through customer satisfaction.  Patients will promote services where they got good service.  Analyse your customer service from the moment of entrance to exit.  Is there room for improvement?  What about patient waiting time?  And a lollipop for every patient still works.
  7. Ethical weekly email newsletter.  Ask your patients if they want to receive your weekly newsletter.  Write 4 short articles about a specific health topic in your specialty, at the beginning of the month and send one every week to your newsletters subscribers.  You can also include news and updates about the practice.  (Your secretary can handle everything).
  8. Appointment reminders via a simple sms. Not only to those patients that are coming to see you the following day, but also to follow up patients, reminding them to book an appointment.
  9. Referrals.  How to get those?  Network, network, network.  Not only with colleagues, but also socially and in the community.
  10. Improve office stationery.  Every piece of paper that leaves your office should promote your practice.  Professional looking stationery improve your practice’s image.