Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Occupational hygiene monitoring is the art of examining the occupational hygiene status of the workplace and making sure that it is regularly inspected and preserved. A big part of guaranteeing that your efficient workplace is effectively handled is by ensuring that the occupational hygiene is examined, systems are embedded in location to preserve it, which […]

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We will try our best to update this blog regularly with articles about the following topics: DENTISTRY PHYSIOTHERAPY CANCER CARDIOVASCULAR CHIROPRACTIC COSMETIC SURGERY DERMATOLOGY EAR, NOSE & THROAT ENDOCRINE GENERAL SURGICAL PROCEDURES GENERAL HEALTHCARE: Includes the following: Bones & Joints Brain & Mental Health Diabetes Digestive & Urinary Systems ENT Eye Conditions Cardiovascular Infectious Diseases […]

10 Tips To Improve Practice Profitability

Unfortunately not only do physicians have to cope with reduced reimbursement from Medical Aids in a period of accelerating expenses, but the economy is having a significant impact on some practices. Many patients are losing jobs and not quickly finding replacement employment. This causes them to curtail elective expenditures, and health care is often viewed […]

10 Quick Tips To Market Your Practice

Here are 10 quick tips to market your practice ethically and keep it thriving: Print a professional practice brochure with your contact details, office hours, list of services, documentation needed for consultation, website link (for more info), after hours number, etc. Get a professional website – everyone’s searching on the internet.  Not only can you […]